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Alternative Energy | Gendon

What do tray cable, windmills, photovoltaic panels, and telecommunication cables have in common – Gendon Polymers! Gendon products are currently used in systems converting power from both sunlight and wind, as well as in products designed to route this power to your home or business. Gendon Polymers produces a full range of Low Smoke Zero Halogen products that meet the most stringent requirements of the Renewable Energy Markets.


GenFlam XL-R CPE General Purpose (Thermoset Jacket)

Radiation crosslinkable Chlorinate Polyethylene compound for UL1277 type jacketing.
2612 (Black)

GenFlam XL-R CPE High Performance (Thermoset Jacket)

Radiation Crosslinkable Chlorinated Polyethylene cable jacketing compound for high performance applications, such as Type P
2613 (Black)

GenFlam XLOH (LSZH Thermoset Jacket)

Genflam XLOH is a peroxide crosslinked Low Smoke Zero Halogenated (LSZH / LSOH) jacket material designed to provide the wire and cable industry with a jacketing compound with a balance of excellent physical properties and ease of processing.
2191 (Black), 2205 (White)

GenFlam XLPI 27 (LSZH Thermoset Insulation)

Genflam XLPI ET27 is a peroxide crosslinked Low Smoke Zero Halogenated (LSZH / LSOH) primary insulation designed to meet the requirements of UL44 for RHH/RHW-2 and XHHW-2 Type XL materials at 600 volts.
2607 (Black), 2608 (Red), 2606 (Natural)

GenFlam XLPO-2 HT (LSZH Thermoset Jacket)

GenFlam XLPO-2-HT is a peroxide crosslinked LoLow Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH / LSOH / LS0H) or Low Smoke Halogen Free (LSHF) jacket compound designed to meet the requirements of TUV 2PfG 1169/08 Type PV1-F and UL 4703 Type PV for Solar Cables
2494 (Black), 2495 (White)